Our new ride

It’s been a very busy month with all the preparations for moving, shifting, buying and fixing furniture, hence the lack of updates. But I’m so excited to share about my new ride – the Toyota Corolla Altis! We got it on 22nd July after a few rounds of COE bidding, every Wednesday afternoon was a nail-biting experience, hoping the price wouldn’t jump up!

2014-07-22 10.47.36

Haven’t driven for a very long time (since being pregnant with Elise in 2011), so if you see me on the roads, SIAM ok? Haha, kidding. The hubby has been guiding me, but I have yet to do parallel parking. *brrrr*

Love the colour I chose – metallic grey. And its a really smooth ride. Petrol consumption is quite good at 12.4km/litre and the aircon is very cold. I left it at 24 deg C, level 1 for the wind and I still feel very cold.

2014-07-22 11.53.39

Ending the post with a photo of the 3 of us on the way to attend a church wedding. Check out cheeky Elise in the background!

2014-07-26 14.16.18

More updates after I shift house. I think only when I move, then do I realise the amount of stuff I have hidden in the wardrobes! Can just imagine the hubby nodding his head now and going “See, I was right, you have a lot of stuff.” :P

Reupholstering our dining chairs

Our dining chairs had been with us for 4 years and recently when I sat on them, I felt as if I was going to fall right through the frame! Getting new chairs was out of the question as I really loved the design, plus my mum bought them for me. So our only option was reupholstery.

This was how it looked like:


We first approached Grayford Furnishings, located at Thomson Plaza, because my mum got all her curtains and chairs reupholstery by them, and has been a customer for many donkey years. Roy quoted me $400, excluding fabric.

Then we asked Middle Curtains as well. Ah Wei, who came down to quote us for the curtains, said it will be $115 per chair, but he also said it is not worth it to ask them to do, as transport alone would be $800 each way. So unless I can bring the chairs in to Malaysia myself, it was not a viable option.

So we decided to just head to Grayford to do it. And I went down to their shop to choose the fabric. I preferred a cottage/shabby chic feel, so I chose this design and their final quote was $520 for 4 chairs.

2014-07-05 19.29.23

They came down to collect my chairs on a weekend, and returned them the following week. I love the results. The chairs are like brand new. Much more worth it than getting new ones!

2014-07-19 16.48.28

Meanwhile, the house is getting along well. Painting tomorrow! I hope everything goes smoothly. And something else exciting is happening tomorrow, which shall be revealed soon. :)

Confetti* Peektures – Our family photoshoot

Recently went to the Botanic Gardens for a family photoshoot with Confetti* Peektures. It’s helmed by a very talented lady, Angie, and her hubby.

Since Elise’s birth, we have only done indoor studio shoots and initially, we wanted to do this family shoot in a studio as well, but changed our minds to try out something new. I can’t help it after seeing how great Confetti* Peektures‘ outdoor photos turn out.

The weather was good that day, but Ryan was cranky after the first 10-15 minutes. :( He clung to me and cried! Poor boy.

So here are a few photos from the shoot:


Middle Curtains, JB – First Impressions

Received this curtain shop, Middle Curtains Design & Furnishing’s contact from the BFF’s mum and I made a call to their shop. They are located in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. A gentleman answered the call and introduced himself as Mr. Chow.

We easily made an appointment to view curtain fabrics this coming weekend and he will call again on Thursday to confirm the appointment timing, which will be in the morning. He will bring the fabric samples to my place for me to look at and choose so that he can give me a quotation. No obligations! Keeping fingers crossed that it won’t be too expensive!

On a side note, I bought a Philips Kidsplace hanging light from Lightings.com.sg at Balestier Point. More on that after it’s fixed up this weekend. I will also be meeting Nippon Paint’s project manager to discuss the colours, Citygas is coming to fix the new gas heater and Decorille will be putting up the window grilles.

It’s gonna be a busy weekend. Can you sense my excitement??? :D

Event: Les Camélias de Chanel

I love being on the mailing list for Chanel Beauté. This time round, I signed up for their Les Camellia event which was held at their Marina Bay Sands’ Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Store.

It all started with a camellia bud, borrowed from men’s breast pocket, from its clean lines, Mademoiselle drew the secret of a radiant and understated elegance. Petal after petal, the idea blossomed, suffusing Gabrielle’s imagination and creations and ultimately becoming one of the brand’s iconic symbols.


Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service – First Impressions

After looking around, the hubby and I have decided to choose Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services to repaint our 5-room HDB flat. Our home was last painted during the renovation in 2009, and now that we have kids, it’s time for a fresh new look. No mysterious purple for the kids playroom! Painting is $1600 nett for a 5 room HDB flat. It includes 4 colours + ceilings in white, and touch up of any hairline cracks in walls, pipes are not included. They will also shift and cover furniture. The 4 colours can be from their Odourless All in One, Easywash with Teflon and 3-in-1 Medifresh range.

First impressions: I only just made the first phone call to them today, and the lady on their hotline has all the facts on hand, no ‘umm, wait ah, let me check *cue horrible waiting music*.’ In just 5 minutes, I have made an appointment for their project manager to visit next week for a pre-painting site inspection and to choose my wall colours. SO EXCITED about it!


I’m thinking ‘Tropical Sunshine’ for the kids playroom,

nippon mountain fresh

And ‘Mountain Fresh’ for their bedroom. I’ve yet to decide for the living room and Master bedroom.

Let’s hope the painting job by Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service turns out well! I’ll update as things go along!

Bad experience purchasing online from Bath & Body Works USA

*Update (21/06/14): Bath & Body Works customer service called me from US to apologise about their service lapse. All’s good now, but it still doesn’t fully take away the bad taste in my mouth. I might consider to buy from them again in future, and let’s hope such incidents do not happen again.

But horrrrrr, who’s gonna pay for my overseas call charge?? LOL

We have all had our share of experiencing bad customer service. My most recent experience made my blood pressure shoot up and has put me off purchasing from the Bath & Body Works website in USA ever again. I’d rather stick to buying the limited range from their shops here, or just not buy at all if they don’t have the items I want.

It all started with my friend and I buying showergels from their site and having it shipped to my Comgateway (CGW) address in Portland. For those who are unfamiliar with Comgateway, they are a freight forwarding company that consolidates your USA purchases from sites that do not ship internationally, and process them for shipping to Singapore, usually via DHL. 

So when CGW received one of the packages, they found that a showergel bottle had leaked – damaged merchandise, and they took photos of it to show it to me and informed me that I should approach Bath & Body Works (BBW) regarding a refund or exchange.  (more…)

Coupon codes with iPrice Singapore

Hands up if you have an auntie complex like me and source around for coupon codes before checking out a shopping cart online! Usually when I shop on US sites such as BCBG.COM, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works (which was a horrid experience, more on that next time) etc, I will do a little googling around for coupon codes. I especially love those with free shipping + discount! Usually, these are codes which are only sent to those on their mailing lists, and obviously, we don’t subscribe to every single website, so yes, I love these coupon sites!

Now, there is a similar site geared towards the Singapore market – iPrice.sg. For now, there are companies such as Zalora, Zuji, Qoo10, Bebe etc. As an example, for Zalora, if there is a coupon, you will see the blue ‘Get The Code’. Click on it, not only will it open the site in a new tab, it will also have a pop up with the coupon code. (more…)

Goo.n diapers from sosoon.com.sg

I’m impressed with this new site my hubby found – sosoon.com.sg. They state that delivery will be within 24hours and it really is! We first saw it on facebook ads that 2 packs of L54 Goo.n diapers (Japan version) were going for S$39.95. That’s pretty reasonable, being $0.37/pc! (yes, I’m that auntie now, calculating cost of items per piece)

As a price comparison for Goo.n L54 diapers, Redmart is selling 4 packs at $107.60 ($0.50/pc) and diapers.com.sg is selling 4 packs at a promo price of $86.90 ($0.40/pc), let’s not even start about going to Isetan to purchase them.  (more…)

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