Corduroy Cafe, Vivocity

I’ve passed by this cafe at Vivocity a few times and have been wanting to try it out.

Finally last Friday, I had the chance to go in for a quick dessert and drink. I like the decor, have always liked decor that look aged, vintage, victorian etc.

It was free seating and orders were to be made at the counter itself. So found a comfortable sofa seat and glanced through the menu.

One of these items caught my attention… make a guess?

After ordering, we were given a stand with a number on it, think they specially chose the paper and fonts to match the cafe’s decor.

The painting on the wall depicted an European cafe in the early 20th century. Reminds me a little of the scenes of the cafe in the movie Titanic.

Nearer to the right, there’s a shelf full of National Geographic magazines, although old, I think they’re still full of interesting information which wouldn’t die off, like gossip.

The food counter…

There was also a chandelier and a vase of lovely flowers.

If you prefer the outdoors, they have an area, which looks like cafes in Europe, where the chairs are placed facing outwards. I think it’s a perfect place for conversations in the evening, IF there is a light breeze.

Lastly, did you make the right guess?

Greedy me took the chocolate pudding. It was sinful, with liquid chocolate inside, the moment you scooped it, there’s steam coming out from the pudding. Yummy…

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